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-------------WELCOME TO INTRO2CINEMA! --------------

Hi guys,

Well i figured this is so much easier than blackboard because you have to attach all documents to the "Discussion Board" or read through all the questions; it's too much of a hassle. This website is mainly so we can post quicker, and help each other out on the Cinema Quizzes. Located on the left margin are all the quizzes that we have taken with questions and answers.

If you have any concerns or you want to contribute to the "Quiz Q&A's" just email me at or CREATE an ACCOUNT to send me messages. If not you can LOG IN HERE.





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1. Log into blackboard

2. Open a NEW web browser and go to this site

3. Have your quiz on HALF of your screen and have the QUIZ ANSWERS on the other

4. While your taking your quiz use the "Find" to find answers quickly on the answer page (press CONTROL F)

5. It should be an easy 80-100% quiz

6. GOODLUCK, and email me all comments! (whether you think this site helps or you think its a load of bull :P or email if you have any questions or concerns )